Choose among the various available models. Modern bicycles in perfect condition. Possibility of renting different accesories for the maximum enjoyment of your trip or excursion. Bike luggage racks, panniers, shoes… all available

Deliveries in our shops or at residences. Delivery and pick up in the Basque Country 25 €. For any other destination the price is calculated in online shopping trolley depending on location of delivery. Package and postage paid for rentals over 200 €

Deliveries in shop:

Basquecountry Bike Abadiño,

Solokoa 4, 48220 Bizkaia

688 690 815

 Basquecountrybike Donostia

Zabaleta nº 54


Donostia/ San Sebastian.


The rental price includes the delivery of a clean and disinfected bicycle, with civil responsibility insurance.


Please send queries to