Camino de Santiago – St. Jame´s Way

Rent a bike to cycle the route of the Camino de Santiago (St. James´s Way). Delivery and pick up of your bike can be done in any point of the route along the Camino de Santiago.

Minimmun bike rental of 3 days for this route.

Expert RS MTB and Rebel Lite 29″ e-bikes are delivered with rear racks. You can also rent panniers and other accesories.

We offer a VIP bike rental service which includes a taxi to the nearest repair workshop, bike replacement (if necessary) and a bicycle cleaning and maintenace service at the halfway point of the North road to Santiago, in Navia (Garaje Paco)

Delivery and pick up of your bike in Santiago or any point in the Road costs 50€

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  • You want a light carbon bike with a comfortable geometry that allows you to make long journeys on different types of terrain. Suitable for gravel, asphalt and dirt, as well as trails or wide tracks. Allows brackets to be mounted on the rack, making it possible to fit pannier racks.

    Riding comfort, raised steering tube and wide wheelbase.

    Prices per day:

    • 1 day: 65 €
    • Minimum 3 days: 54 € / day
    • Minimum 7 days: 45 € /day
  • BH’s Quartz range is designed and built as an endurance race bike which is reactive, lighter and offers optimal performance without sacrificing stability. It also provides added safety in its performance.

    Prices per day:

    • 1 day: 45 €
    • Minimum 3 days: 35 € / day
    • Minimum 7 days: 25 € /day
  • The Rebel ebikes incorporates Yamaha technology. A bicycle with an  aggressive design, a central motor completely integrated into the bootm bracket and a lateral extraction battery incorporated into the front triangle guarantees maximum performance, efficiency and reactivity.

    Prices per day:

    • 1 day: 45 €
    • Minimum 3 days: 40 € / day
    • Minimum 7 days: 30 € /day