Marcha Bilbao-Bilbao 2019, rent a bike with Basque Country Bike!

From its very beginning, back in 1988, the BILBAO-BILBAO cycling march has been characterized by two main features which have allowed it to be a very singular competition, while still attracting a varied and plural participation year-on-year.

The first and most principal aspect was to imagine this challenge as a ciclotourism event from day one. Making it open to cyclists of all levels and allowing it to generate satisfaction for everyone who takes part in it. This is why in the BilBAO-BILBAO we find a wide range of participants, encompassing people from all walks of life who love bicycles and enjoy taking part in this beautiful sport.

The second feature that defines BILBAO-BILBAO is the formidable amount of facilities at the disposal of the participants, which make each one of cyclists feel like a true protagonist of the event throughout the day.

Therefore, and following these principles, there are 3 starts to the march – staggered at 15 minute intervals- and there isn´t an established classification, so each participant can do his or her own “march” depending on their wishes and convenience. All they have to do is respect the established arrival timetables. At which point they will receive a lovely trophy.

We have to admit to some surprise at the beginning but also to our constant satisfaction with the results we have obtained througout the years as thousands of ciclotourists enjoyed BILBAO-BILBAO intensely and lived such gratifying experiences.

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