To initiate the procedures, we need you to send a request through our email or through our telephone 688690815 describing the problem in as much detail as possible, and adding the following photos: photo of the complete product, photo of the defect, and photo of the serial number of article. All accompanied by the purchase invoice.

Once we have all the data, we will contact the manufacturer. As soon as we have new information, we will notify you and, where appropriate, we will request the shipment of the defective material. The minimum estimated time for any guarantee depends on the stock available at that time. The shipping costs from the store to BH will be borne by Basque Country Bike S.L. And the shipping costs from the customer's address to our store will be borne by the user.


All the products included in this website have a three-year guarantee from the date of purchase, without retroactive effect.

BH aluminum or carbon frames Lifetime Warranty (Registration on the BH website)

We provide this service in store and immediately. It is delivered if you want the document on paper. ** It is essential to register on the website of the brand itself to guarantee the painting for life, otherwise, the guarantee will be only 3 years as established by law.

After the three-year period of the invoice, no amount will be charged for the warranty process if the bike has been purchased at Basque Country Bike while the labor for the replacement of the defective part is paid by the user.

Remember that this is a commercial guarantee, and that this depends at all times on the brand itself. Basque Country Bike has no power to decide whether or not it is a guarantee.


Those products that, by the manufacturer, have a commercial guarantee that extends the duration beyond two years.

If the product is less than 3 years old from the purchase invoice

- The cost of the replacement will be assumed by Basque Country Bike unless the user expressly indicates that they wish to make any extra change, in which case it will be paid by the user. Example: If the user decides to replace a worn cassette, said element will be assumed by the user.

If the product is more than 3 years old from the purchase invoice

 - The cost of the labor generated by the replacement of any element within the commercial guarantee will be paid by the user. Example: If a user had to process a guarantee after two years and it was accepted by the manufacturer, the labor for the assembly of said element must be paid for.


All of our second-hand bikes come with a 24-month warranty.

The warranty is 24 months against any manufacturing defect in the frame or in components that are not considered wear material (tyres, transmission elements, suspensions, brake pads, brake discs or bearings)

In those elements considered "wear", the guarantee will be considered valid only during the first 6 months from the date of purchase, since these elements require maintenance and supervision by the user.

In elements such as suspension forks or shock absorbers, the guarantee will be extended for the first 6 months from the date of purchase, as they require maintenance that depends on the type of use and the hours of operation.

In the event that the customer requests a guarantee for any suspension element of the bicycle, Basque Country Bike reserves the right to deny the guarantee if it has exceeded the validity period or presents any type of lack of maintenance, either in bushings of friction, dust covers or O-rings, the user having to assume said cost.

In those electrical components such as screens, electrical cables, diverters or buttons, the warranty for manufacturing defects will be 24 months from the date of purchase,

When faced with bicycles with software problems, Basque Country Bike reserves the right to analyze said software to determine that it has not been tampered with. If so, the warranty will be completely void.

In the event of having to process a guarantee, Basque Country Bike will decide at all times whether to process the guarantee with the original manufacturer, or proceed to repair the product through specialized external companies, offering the guarantee for the repair and assuming the cost. Of the same.

Basque Country Bike S.L delivers revised and adjusted Second Hand bicycles and can replace wear items with new ones if it considers that they are below their average lifespan. In this case the customer is informed.

In the event of having to process the replacement of any element of a second-hand bicycle, the repair will be carried out whenever possible, or the defective element will be replaced by a new one equivalent to its residual value. Basque Country Bike reserves the right to calculate the residual value of the item to be replaced.

*** The guarantee provided on second-hand bicycles will be assumed solely by Basque Country Bike S.L.

In case of going to any other store without being authorized by Basque Country Bike S.L, the guarantee will be completely annulled, the user being solely responsible for it, assuming the cost of the repair.

For any management on guarantees you should contact: Send Email

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